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About The Concise Text book of vedic Hinduism. The one and only Book that reveals the Soul of the vedas – and their teachings in the words of everyday Science! The basic Laws behind the cycle of Rebirths, the cosmic cycles of YUGAS and MANVANTARAS – the secrets behind the periodic change in Earth’s Axis, upsetting the order of life and causing mass extinction of the Dinosaurs and ‘Universal Flood’s’ like Noahs- all these are explained with startling clarity and deep profoundness in the CONCISE TEXT BOOK OF VEDIC HINDUISM. VEDIC SCIENCES – WHAT ARE THEY? There was a ” Science Age ” before our own origins of the present day western science. The present book is a result of long and intensive Research, by a post doctoral sanskrit scholar and Science post graduate Dr. Vedavyas. D.Litt. Author a Masters Degree holder in Zoology, Botany and chemistry – holding Ph.D. in sanskrit, comes from a family of ancient traditional Gurus or Acharyas authorized to teach, by tradition the Hidden secrets of Vedic Sciences of Yoga, Astrology, Ayurveda or herbal medicine. This book explains lucidity, hidden Esoteric Secrets to the west and to the westernized eastern public. The only book of its kind – designed as Text book for the graduate degree in the UNIVERSITY OF VEDIC SCIENCES – by its president the Author. It reveals the Supreme synthesis of the ‘ sacred wisdom’ of the RISHIS!

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