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Nikhil has been running away from his family ever since the horrible accident years ago. Neha has put at stake her own self to support her family. When they meet, it’s like they are the missing pieces of each other’s life-puzzles.
With time, their children Riya and Raghu complete their family and happiness. Raghu is a specially-abled child and thinks his father is a superhero. But one fateful day, Raghu goes missing.
The quest for Raghu takes Nikhil on an unexpected journey through the sea of his emotions, and into his past. When he finally locates Raghu, he has to choose between life and death to be united to his son.
Will he prove himself to be a superhero for his son? Or will history repeat itself to rob him of his loved ones?
This thrilling tale of determination and love shows the depths to which a parent will go for A Love So Special.

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A Love So SpecialA Love So Special


After losing his mother to destiny’s plan and his father to his stepmother’s whim, Nikhil builds his life with Neha from scratch, after burying his past.

A Love So SpecialA Love So Special


Shouldering responsibility for her family for years, she finally wants to make a home for herself with Nikhil and their children – Riya and Raghu.

A Love So SpecialA Love So Special


A teenager who thinks her specially-abled brother rules her home and her parents’ heart. It is only when he goes missing that she realises her true love for him.

A Love So SpecialA Love So Special


Differently-abled but very special, he always knew his father was a superhero. That when the time comes, Nikhil would do anything to make Raghu smile. Will he?

A Love So SpecialA Love So Special

An intense story of emotions, familial love and the depths to which a parent would go to make their child smile.

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