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Avanni Singh is amazed when she meets Kiran Kapoor, her lover’s namesake. What is more astonishing is that his beloved shares her name. It seems like some prank by fate, but little do they know it was going to become an adventure they would never forget!

When Kiran loses one of his senses, and Avanni fails in her desperate attempts to help him recover, she gives up on life, tired of fighting the challenges. And then she happens to fall in love again, with another man bearing the same name. Sounds unbelievable, right?

Swimming in the pool of guilt, Avanni finds out that her partner – for whom she had been fighting a battle with life – was actually cheating on her!

Can two couples with the same names be connected in some way?

Can love happen when you least expect it to, and create A Love Story by Destiny?

From the Publisher


Q & A with Deesha Sangani, the author of A Love Story By Destiny

Deesha Sangani is a Bangalore-based author, motivational speaker and certified personal empowerment coach.

We ask Deesha a few questions about love, friendship and her latest book.

1. How would you introduce your latest book A Love Story by Destiny?

Deesha: My book A Love Story by Destiny is about four people, two couples actually, who have the same names. They are connected with each other at a deep level and love with all their heart. Even then, circumstances forced each of them to move away from the other? All four of them met and broke up to get together with different partners.

Was it destiny or betrayal? The time between falling in love again and knowing the truth is the beginning…

2. What does the journey from a reader to a writer mean to you?

Deesha: It has been nothing short of exhilarating. It helped me move from being the consumer to the creator – and I realize that the more I create, the more I have. The experiences have changed as I progressed from my first book to the fourth now. While writing gives me opportunity to create with my heart and build with my mind, it does have its share of challenges. I thrive on my passion for writing and that helps me overcome all the challenges – especially this book, with its unique theme.

3. Has the story of the book been inspired from any real life events?

Deesha: Yes… There definitely have been incidents and occurrences that have happened in my life and a few that I have experienced around me. Certain parts of the central characters and the places in the story are very close to me.

4. You have chosen a very contemporary, yet uncommon theme for the book. How did you think of it and what was the research that went into it?

Deesha: I believe that every story narrated is a unique expression of one’s mind. Sometimes the theme only emerges when we dig deep… And sometimes it’s very clearly visible.

The theme for the book is uncommon, but it has been inspired by few things that are very close to me. While the character of the artist was shaped by my passion for art, the cameo of the pilot and the role of the hotelier are inspired by my experiences while travelling. Sometimes, merely watching the various experiences and expressions of travelers – say at an airport – can be very thought-provoking and could be the best way to kick-start the research. And honestly, the airport has been my second home for the last few years.

5. Did you have to cross any hurdles while writing on the subject?

Deesha: I would consider them as hurdles or challenges only if I didn’t enjoy them. Like I mentioned, my passion for writing and the theme kept me going.

With a theme like this, the destination is not on a map – but I always knew that it would be worth the journey. The intensity of the characters, the uniqueness of the subject, my own passion for writing – all came together to help overcome any situation that I faced.

6. What message do you intend to send out to your readers through this book?

Deesha: Believe in love, miracles and destiny!

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