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***WRITTEN ACCORDING TO LATEST PATTERN OF THE EXAMINATIONS ALL OVER INDIA. *** ALL SECTIONS ARE THOROUGHLY EXPLAINED WITH AMPLE SHORT ***MCQ QUESTIONS WITH THEIR ANSWERS AND EXPLANATIONS AS WELL. **5 000+ MCQ ARE SOLVED WITH EXPLANATIONS 20 MODEL PAPERS ALL SOLVED ARE ADDED. *** SELECTIVE PREVIOUS YEAR PAPERS ARE SOLVED ***SUGGESTION PAPERS ALSO ADDED TOPICS COVERED ARE AS FOLLOWS *** Basic Mathematical Concepts: Functions; maxima and minima; integrals; ordinary differential equations; vectors and matrices; determinants; elementary statistics and probability theory. Atomic and Molecular Structure: Fundamental particles; Bohr’s theory of hydrogen-like atom; wave-particle duality; uncertainty principle; Schrodinger’s wave equation; quantum numbers; shapes of orbitals; ***** Theory of Gases: Equation of state for ideal and non-ideal (van der Waals) gases; Kinetic theory of gases; Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution law; equipartition of energy. *****Solid state: Crystals and crystal systems; X-rays; NaCl and KCl structures; close packing; atomic and ionic radii; *****Chemical Thermodynamics: Reversible and irreversible processes; first law and its application to ideal and nonideal gases; thermochemistry; second law; entropy and free energy; criteria for spontaneity. *****Chemical and Phase Equilibria: Law of mass action; Kp, Kc, Kx and Kn; effect of temperature on K; ionic equilibria in solutions; pH and buffer solutions; hydrolysis; solubility product; phase equilibria-phase rule and its application to one-component and two-component systems; colligative properties. *****Electrochemistry: Conductance and its applications; transport number; galvanic cells; EMF and free energy; concentration cells with and without transport; polarography; *****Chemical Kinetics: Reactions of various order; Arrhenius equation; collision theory; transition state theory; chain reactions – normal and branched; enzyme kinetics; photoche

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