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Written by a former All India Topper, this book has been touted by several iconic IITians as the most effective book on JEE planning ever written!
Anagh argues that most IITians are neither born-geniuses nor unusually intense work-machines; they are smart planners instead.He takes you behind-the-scenes to reveal how smart planning works for JEE and lays out a clear framework for goal-oriented thinking. The step by step approach outlined across 11 chapters covers everything from daily routine to efficient practice to long term motivation, all explained through real life examples and presented with time-tested proofs. It talks about achieving one’s goals while not missing out on a balanced life and questions people’s deepest beliefs about achieving a large and meaningful goal like IIT-JEE. 

After finishing the book, readers will take away not just a concrete plan to prepare for JEE, but in the words of an early reviewer, a “life-altering” change in perspective towards success.

“Edifying and thought-provoking! Reading this book will help you succeed not only in JEE but also in life.” – Chitraang Murdia, AIR-1 in JEE Adv, 2014
“Covers a lot of important topics and explains goal setting well” – Aman Bansal, AIR-1 in JEE Adv, 2016
“Develops a holistic strategy to ace the JEE” – Ananye Agarwal, AIR-3 in JEE Adv, 2017
“Informative and Inspirational! It unravels the inner workings of a topper’s mind” – Amey Gupta, AIR-8 in JEE Adv, 2014
“It will enable students to follow tested winning strategies rather than reinvent the wheel” – Kartikeya Gupta, AIR-4 in JEE Adv, 2013
“It iterates on the timeless wisdom of BhagvadGita to excel not only in JEE but any goal in life” – Vishwajeet Agarwal, AIR-5 in JEE Main, 2017. More about the book can be found out at www.thejeeproject.com

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