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He is ten years old and confined to a wheelchair. But that’s not his identity. To the world, he is India’s youngest patent holder for inventing variants of chess for six, twelve and sixty players.

Have you heard of the Army Major who was declared dead in the Kargil war, but is India’s first blade runner today?

Do you think a woman without hands can be one of India’s leading painters?

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you see a differently-abled person? Pity? Sympathy?

The real-life success stories of fifteen differently-abled people charted in Because Life is a Gift will make you think otherwise. You will sense pride replace all feelings of pity and sympathy for they have fought against all odds to achieve their dreams.

is book is a tribute to their courage, passion and zest for life. They will challenge your notion of the impossible. They will inspire you to live lifeto the fullest, because life is truly a gift.

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Meet Hearty

Popularly known as India’s Stephen Hawking, a miracle boy, and also the youngest patent holder in India, Hridayeshwar, aka Hearty, beat his physical disability to invent chess for 12-60 players.


Meet George

George Abraham is the chairman and founder of World Blind Cricket Council (WBCC) among other organizations that help those visually impaired to live life on their own terms. His inability to see could not mar his dreams and his vision.


Meet Murali

K. Murali has worked to make the world more sensitive to signs and symbols, for those who cannot hear or speak. He continues to bring smiles and create opportunities for hearing and speech-impaired through ‘Deaf Leaders’.


Because Life is a Gift is a journey, a celebration of life.

Because Life is a Gift is a journey, a celebration of life and of what we take for granted. A roller coaster ride which talks of journeys of 15 differently-abled people, who changed the world around them for the better.

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