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Chemical Sciences Complete Study material consists of 15 spiral bound Booklets of 3 major subjects like Organic, Inorganic and Physical chemistry. Organic Chemistry consists of following 6 booklets 1. Acid groups 2. Spectroscopy 3. Reaction Intermediate 4. Reagents 5. Sterochemistry 6. Pericyclic Reaction and one assignments book Inorganic Chemistry consists of following 1. Nuclear Chemistry 2. Chemical Bonding 3. Co-ordination Chemistry 4. Organometallic Chemistry 5. Analytical Chemistry and one assignment book Physical chemistry consists of following booklets 1. Chemical Kinetics solid surface polymer 2. Electromolecular concept equilibrium 3. Quantum chemistry 4. Thermodynamics besides one book for Assignment These are photocopy hard copy Study Material. Print Quality is excellent .Also all the booklets are spiral bound for long life

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