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This book is written to meet the requirements of undergraduate students of B.Sc. third year of all Indian universities. This essential textbook, comprising three parts inorganic, organic and physical, details all the principles of chemistry. Illustrations and diagrams provided would help the students to understand chemical structures and reactions.
• Highlights important laws, concepts and principles for a more focussed learning
• Interesting examples and illustrations provided throughout the text
• Chapter-end exercises in line with the latest pattern of examination
Part 1: Inorganic Chemistry
1. Hard and Soft Acids and Bases
2. Metal Ligand Bonding in Transition Metal Complexes
3. Magnetic Properties of Transition Metal Complexes
4. Electronic Spectra of Transition Metal Complexes
5. Thermodynamic and Kinetic Aspects of Metal Complexes
6. Organometallic Chemistry
7. Bioinorganic Chemistry
8. Silicones and Phosphazenes
Part 2: Organic Chemistry
1. Spectroscopy
2. Organometallic Compounds
3. Organosulphur Compounds
4. Heterocyclic Compounds
5. Organic Synthesis Via Enolates
6. Carbohydrates
7. Amino Acids, Peptides, Proteins and Nucleic Acid
8. Fats, Oils, Soaps and Detergents
9. Synthetic Polymers
10. Synthetic Dyes
Part 3: Physical Chemistry
1. Elementary Quantum Mechanics
2. Spectroscopy
3. Photochemistry
4. Physical Properties and Molecular Structure
5. Solutions, Dilute Solutions and Colligative Properties
6. Statistical Mechanics

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