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♥This is the all in one Class 12 Physics Handwritten Notes for any Exam. These Notes are helpful for any exam preparation whether it’s CBSE Board, State Board, JEE, BITSAT, NEET, or any other exam which has a Physics subject.

★Chapters Cover:

Electrostatics, Electric Flux & Gauss’s Law, Electric Potential, Conductors & Dielectrics, Electrostatic Energy, Capacitor, Current Electricity, Circuit Analysis, Thermal Effect Of Current, RC Circuit, Electrical Measurement, Magnetic Effect Of Current, Electromagnetic Force (EMF), Electromagnetic Induction (EMI), Self & Mutual Induction, Terrestriol Magnetism, Alternating Current (AC), Electromagnetic Waves (EMW), Reflection Of Light (Ray Optics), Refraction Of Light (Ray Optics), Thin Lenses (Ray Optics), Dispersion Of Light (Ray Optics), Optical Instruments (Ray Optics), Interference Of Light (Wave Optics), Diffraction Of Light (Wave Optics), Polarisation Of Light (Wave Optics), Photometry (Wave Optics), Atomic Structure, Photoelectric Effect, Wave Particle Duality, X – Ray, Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Reaction, Semiconductor & It’s Types, PN Junction & Diodes, Transistors & It’s Application, Logic Gates, Communication System, Modulation & De-modulation 

★Product Details:

Size: A4 (30 x 23 x 5.5)
Pages: 927
Weight: 2.2 kg
Language: English
Publisher: Notes Factory
Colour: Black & White
Formate: Spiral Bind
Syllabus: Full Class 12 Physics From A to z
Exams: All Exams JEE, CBSE, NEET, BITSAT, etc

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