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About the Book: Ek Prem Kahani Meri Bhi Do love stories ever die? Can modern day gadgets like mobile phones and the http:www erainternet bring you the love of real life? You haven’t met her earlier, but commit to marry. Will you stillcall this a love marriage? And what if on the engagement day while you pull the ring outfrom your pocket, you realize what you planned was just a dreamwhich never comes true? How would you react when a beautiful person comes into yourlife, becomes your most precious possession and then one day goesaway from you …forever? Not all love stories are meant to have a perfect ending. Somestay incomplete. Yet they are beautiful in their own way. Ravin’slove story is one such innocent and beautiful story. He believeslove stories seldom die. They are meant to stay for the generationsyet to come and read them. And given that one chance to narrate hislove story, this is how he began… I remember the date well: 4th March 2006. I was in Kolkata andabout to reach Happy’s home. I had been very excited all morning asI was going to see our gang of four after three years. About the Author: Ravinder Singh Ravinder Singh (26 years) is a Software engineer who works witha prominent IT company in India. He was brought up in a very smalltown of Orissa called Burla. After spending most of his life there,he has recently moved to Chandigarh. Owing to the Nature of hiswork, he has visited various parts of the world and he wishes tocontinue doing the same in future. Apart from reading and writing,The Author has a keen interest in working out in the gym.Occasionally, he loves playing snooker; his favorite game. He iscrazy about Punjabi Music and loves dancing to its beats. I too hada Love story is his debut novel.

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