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Set of English handwriting improvement & spoken English course/book. In this combo book set you will learn/improve:-

Legible cursive handwriting.
Proper & Ideal posture for handwriting. Right pencil/pen gripping.
Proper and even inter-space between letter and words.
Proper and even space, inter-space between two lines.
Making of Parallel strokes, upstrokes and down strokes.
Making of Clockwise and Anticlockwise curves and extra practice of curves
Rapidly making of cursive running with slight right slope letter with minimum pen lifting.
Proper and even making of uppercase and lowercase letters.
Uniform size, shape of letters.
Joining of tails with all letters each other.
Special focus on ideal speed of handwriting and speed test.
First, second and third joins.
Writing and spelling and double letter practice handwriting.
Practice on Four lines, Three lines, Two lines. Single lines, Dots and Plane sheet.
How to keep left hand margin.
Stylish handwriting (Calligraphy) with different font style.

TYT (Twist /Train Your Tongue method to Speak English Fluently)
. Direct-Method /situational method. (No need to learn Translation)
Tense = Tension.
Game of five. Five points system (To learn spoken English easily)
. List of Short form for Spoken & Written English.
Phonetics of Short forms for fluency.
Complete list of Negative Short forms for Spoken & Written English.
List of Short words which Speaks & write oftenly e.g. want to, wannna, don’t know Dunno.
All lessons with complete conversational practice and Exercise.
Imperative sentences in each lesson.

Special attention to improve Pronunciation (Phonetics)
A special topic on Hesitation during Spoken English & divide & rule policy and many more

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