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English+Hindi handwriting Improvement Course +My English Friend (Super Saving Combo Pack of 3) You will learn & improve:

⦁Making of Parallel strokes, upstrokes and down strokes Clockwise anticlockwise curves
⦁Making of cursive running with slight right slope letter with minimum pen lifting.
⦁Proper & even making of upper & lowercase letters.
⦁Uniform size, shape of letters.
⦁Joining of tails with all letters
⦁How to keep left hand margin.
⦁ Stylish handwriting Calligraphy with different font style.
Formation of Hindi Alphabet.
Correct formation of Vowels & Consonants.
Uniformity in size of letters i.e. Hindi Varnmalas (Alphabet).
Correct formation & knowledge of MATRA i.e. Notation or vowels marks.
Correct formation of Tail letters, straight line letter & curved shape letters.
Correct formation of Nasa,Diacritical Dot, Halant, Chandra Bindu,Visarg Nukta
Transliteration. (How to write/read Hindi letters words in English)
Skill of beautiful & legible handwriting
Equal Inter space between letters,words & lines
Proper posture
Right gripping of pen/pencil
Correct formation of Base forms & Secondary forms
Special focus on ideal Speed of handwriting
Speak English Fluently
. Direct-Method (No need to learn Translation)
Tense = Tension
By five points system (To learn spoken English easily)
All lessons with complete conversational practice and Exercise
Special attention to improve Pronunciation (Phonetics)
A special topic on Hesitation & divide & policy in English

Set of 21+14 Exercise Sheets + 1 Ink pen + 2VCD+ 2 books +1 Memory chart+1 VCD
Fantatics Result of handwriting just one hour daily practice
For 8 to 60 Year age group. you can improve handwriting & Communication Skill

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