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Do you dream of joining any of the world famous IITs? Do you know that more than half of those who join IIT every year have never been to any coaching institute? Yes – they did it on their own through self-study.
What is more, most of them pass the entrance exam (JEE) in their very first attempt, without spending a fortune.
Is there a pattern in their study techniques?
Having taught in coaching institutes for several years, Professor Rao analyses the reasons as to why only a very small percentage of students from coaching institutes (the bright ones) make it to the IITs and, more importantly, why most (average students) do not.
It is for these average students, who mistakenly feel that a coaching institute will see them through, that this book is written. It is a step by step guide to do it yourself from home. Professor Rao reveals
•How to cover the huge syllabus systematically and remember all the concepts and formulae?
•What study materials to use and where to get them from.
•How to identify important topics and which ones to just skim through?
•How to solve complex problems and become confident of solving new ones?
•How to identify important engineering concepts and become fluent with them?
•What personal qualities to develop to become a world class student and use it to improve yourself.
Follow the steps given in the book diligently and see yourself pass the JEE Exam in the first attempt -and end up in IIT – as a smarter person.

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