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IAS Mains Chapterwise Solved Papers General Studies 2019-1997
Preparing for the prestigious UPSC examinations, students need to devote all their time, energy & efforts and should be smart enough to prepare in a fast Track mode in order to excel this exam. The “IAS Mains Civil Services (Mains) Examination General Studies chapter wise Solved Papers 2019-1997” has been prepared on the new format that gives the insight of Civil Services (Mains) Examination among the students. The book has been divided into four papers and each paper has been segmented into topics according to the new pattern. Moreover, special emphasis has been given on the questions from last five years (2019-2015) according to the changing pattern. All the old questions from 2014-1997 have also been solved with the latest updated data and findings. It also includes Solved papers 2019, 2018 and 2017. This book is an overall promotion of best success mantra for cracking IAS (Mains) General Studies Examination. Br>
table of content solved papers 2019-17, Paper I: Indian heritage and Culture, history and Geography of the world and society, Paper II: governance, Constitution, Polity, social justice and international Relations, Paper III: technology, economic development, biodiversity, environment, security and disaster Management, Paper IV: ethics, Integrity and Aptitude.

25 Years’ Chapterwise Solved Questions IAS Pre General Studies Paper I
Ias or Indian Administrative service is considered one of the toughest examination in the country. The examination is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for the recruitment of officers for the all India administrative Civil Services. Students who are opting for this examination need to be updated with latest news and trends as the Preliminary examination comprises of objective-type questions. The syllabus is vast and one must be able to understand the areas from which question are expected. The new edition of ‘IAS (Pre) General Studies Paper – 1 br>Chapter wise Solved questions’ of last 25 years’ with detailed explanation of each and every question. This book indicated the nature and trends of the questions being asked UPSC over the time so that students can rework on their strategies. The book is divided into 5 Main parts according to the latest pattern of the syllabus, also it contains 3 IAS (Pre) General Studies Paper – 1 Solved Papers [2019-2017] which will give the students some kind of self-evaluation about their speed & time management in their Preliminary Examination. The answers of solved questions in this book are in a very simple, lucid and grammatically correct language which is very useful and helpful and helpful for the students to understand quickly & easily. This book is like a stepping stones for the students who are aiming to become IAS and serve to the nation. Table of content IAS (Pre) General Studies Paper–1 solved Paper 2019, IAS (Pre) General Studies Paper–1 solved Paper 2018, IAS (Pre) General Studies Paper – 1 Solved Paper 2017, History of India and Indian National Movement, Indian and World Geography, Indian Polity and Governance, Indian Economy General Science & technology, General Knowledge.

Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude for IAS General Studies – 6th Paper Edition 2020
Ln the present transforming society there is a need of good public Administration. Over the period of time, The role of public Administration (service) has transformed depending upon the evolution of governance but, the one which is eternal and Long lasting is the ethical values behind the service. Ethics is a multidimensional Term that is used to describe what human should do based on rights, obligations, fairness, virtues, etc. Ethics and values forms the cornerstone of public Administration system, which provides the answer to the question, “why should I be moral”. A recent example of this, is the arrest of an IPS Officer who was on probation, for cheating during the Civil Services Examination. Lt raises the question about the level of honesty and the dedication on part of the Civil servant. Can such issues be only resolved with penal actions? Maybe not, and here iies the importance of ethical values, morals, integrity, attitude empathy, etc. Which comes into play. Ultimately it is the moral fibre of an individual Officer or public servant that counts. Realizing the need of the hour, UPSC has taken an initiative to inculcate the ethical and moral values and thoughts for incoming new Civil servants so that they feel the need of the society with empathy and serve accordingly. The GS Paper LV “ethics Pape/’ of Civil Services Examinations is the litmus test of an individual, that is not only based on a theoretical syllabus but also scrutinizes the individual from inside through judging his personal moral conducts. This book in a pedagogical manner enlightens an individual about ethics and all its related concepts. This book is not just about the definitions, thoughts, quotations, concepts but, it is about the discussions, role play, application of thoughts and underlying cases, etc. That are useful to any individual (not only for Civil Service aspirants) for moral conduct.

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