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Indian Art and Culture for Civil Services and other Competitive Examinations
p>McGraw-Hill is proud to present third edition of their bestseller “Indian art and Culture” by Nitin Singhania, third edition. This book offers comprehensive and latest information covering the broad field of knowledge on Indian art, paintings, music and architecture for the aspirants of Civil Services Preliminary and Main Examinations.

Apart from two new chapters and one appendix, the chapters have been enriched with details to make it more focused and comprehensive. There are questions at the end of each chapter which will help students prepare for the examinations.


✔All new four colour edition

✔Comprehensive 4 sections: Visual arts, Performing arts, Culture of India and Appendices

✔New chapters on Buddhism and Jainism & India through the eyes of foreign travelers

✔New appendix on Current affairs related to Indian Art and Culture

✔Videos related to the chapters available through QR codes

✔Keywords in every chapter highlighted in color

✔Updated Previous Year Questions and Answers of UPSC Preliminary and Main Examination

p>The book “Important Judgments that Transformed India” presents an easy understanding of the landmark Court cases that everyone needs to know about. The way democracy now functions in India, owe a lot to many of these Supreme Court judgments. It is quite interesting to learn how the Supreme Court judgments protected the essence of Indian Constitution, strengthened democracy, and transformed the lives of ordinary citizens of India.

This book effectively caters to the requirements of many competitive examinations, particularly the UPSC Civil Services Examination (Prelims, Mains, and Interview). It is equally valuable to all academics, legal students, and general readers who are interested in Indian Polity and Constitution.

Salient features:

✔ Designed specifically to cater to the needs of Civil Services – Prelims and Mains and other state examinations.

✔Analysis of the importance of 30 landmark Supreme Court judgments.

✔ Compilation of 90+ Supreme Court judgments with respect to the main area of conflict.

✔ Each Chapter divided into- introduction, background, arguments, judgments, importance and impact.

✔ The complicated legal context behind Supreme Court cases made simple and easy to understand.

The book can prove to be an asset not only for the aspirants of Union and State Civil Services but also for academicians, researchers, lawyers, authors, and all readers with an abiding passion for the domain in general.

p>A thoroughly revised and updated edition of ‘Challenges to Internal Security of India’ aims to provide broad perspectives on the issues and challenges regarding the topic ‘internal security and disaster Management’. It is written in a comprehensive and lucid manner meant for complete coverage of the Third General Studies Paper of the UPSC examination. Each topic under the syllabus has been covered in its twelve chapters to serve as a complete theoretical guide. This new edition comes with three annexures for a thorough understanding of government policies regarding internal security and challenges.

Salient features:

✔Updates on issues regarding recent terrorists attacks.

✔Revised edition with comprehensive details on disaster Management.

✔Detailed Analysis of the Kashmir problem.

✔Completely updated with latest issues and developments faced by Indian security agencies and the armed forces.

✔Detailed Analysis of the rise of the Islamic state.

✔Examines the roles of ‘external state’ And ‘non-state’ Actors in aiding and abetting terrorism.

✔Comprehensive text on the rise and spread of naxalism.

✔Inclusion of more practice questions at the end of each Chapter.

✔Includes flowcharts and maps.

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