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Inorganic Chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced Volume 1 is a comprehensive book providing an inclusive coverage of the subject as per the guidelines of the JEE Main and Advanced. The book offers a quick revision of concepts and ample number of questions, thus facilitating conceptual understanding and an exhaustive practice to solve problems. Key features, Exhaustive text that does not leave out any explanation. Promotes conceptual understanding rather than rote learning. Provides quick revision of concepts. Offers enough practice to solve problems, providing answers and hints. Solved question papers. Table of Content, Structure of Atom, Periodic Classification, Chemical Bonding, Hydrogen and its Compounds, S-Block Elements Group-IA (1): Alkali Metals. Group-IIA (2) Alkaline Earth Metals. P-Block Elements Group-III A (13) Boron Family. Group-IV (A) (14): Carbon Family. Appendix-I: Units and Conversion Factors, Appendix-II: Hydration, Hydrolysis and Solubility, Appendix-III: Strength of Acids, Appendix-IV: Atomic Weights Appendix-V: Electron Affinities of Elements. Appendix-VI: Ionization Energies of Elements. Appendix-VII: Thermodynamic Properties of Various Substances, JEE Main 2017 Paper, with Solution, JEE Advanced 2017 Paper 1, with Solution JEE Advanced 2017 Paper 2, with Solution.

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