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JEE Advanced Chemistry – Organic Chemistry – I | Second Edition | By Pearson
1 IUPAC nomenclature
2 General Organic Chemistry
3 Isomerism
4 hydrocarbon
5. Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution
6. Analysis of Organic Compounds.

JEE Advanced Mathematics – Coordinate Geometry | by Pearson
this is the first book of JEE Advanced Mathematics series. The book is enriched with detailed exhaustive theory that introduces the concepts of mathematics in a clear, concise, thorough and easy-to-understand language. A large collection of relevant problems is provided in eight major categories (including updated archive for JEE Advanced and JEE Main), for which the solutions are demonstrated in a logical and stepwise manner. These not only make students exam-ready but also helps them gain analytical skills. Coordinate Geometry Algebra Trigonometry calculus 3-D vector features: Every Chapter interspersed with from the author’s desk section, which reveals the approach to deal with the topic from examination point-of-view 1400+ Previous Year questions Solved examples and test your Concepts to judge topic-wise analytical understanding of the students .

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