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Kiran UPSC Certificate physical and human Geography MCQs (English Medium) (3047) content br>Chapter 1: The Earth and the universe br>Chapter 2: The earthly crust br>Chapter 3: volcanism and earthquakes br>Chapter 4: Weathering mass movement and Groundwater br>Chapter 5: Landforms made by running water br>Chapter 6: Landforms of glaciations br>Chapter 7: arid or desert Landforms br>Chapter 8: limestone and chalk landform br>Chapter 9: lakes br>Chapter 10: coastal Landforms br>Chapter 11: islands and Coral br>reefs br>Chapter 12: The oceans br>Chapter 13: weather br>Chapter 14: climate br>Chapter 15: The hot, wet Equatorial climate br>Chapter 16: The tropical monsoon and tropical marine climates br>Chapter 17: The savanna or Sudan climate br>Chapter 18: The hot desert and mid-latitude desert climates br>Chapter 19: The warm Temperate Western margin (Mediterranean) climate br>Chapter 20: The Temperate continental (steppe) climate br>Chapter 21: The warm Temperate Eastern margin (China type) climate br>Chapter 22: The cool Temperate Western margin (British type) climate br>Chapter 23: The cool Temperate continental (Siberian) climate br>Chapter 24: The cool Temperate Eastern margin ( laurentian) br>Chapter 25: The Arctic or polar climate.

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