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Master The Mains – General Studies Mains (GS Paper II): Solved Previous Years’ and Model Questions | UPSC Civil Services ExamTrends of UPSC main examinations in the recent past make it clear that it has become very dynamic, and hence, the old traditional method of preparation does not suffice. General Studies (GS) is multi-dimensional in nature as it deals with diverse subject matters that are constantly evolving to keep pace with the new developments. General Studies carries a total weight age of 1000 marks and can play a significant role in obtaining a good rank overall. Thus, it becomes highly imperative to master the GS answer writing skills. All GS papers are interrelated, and therefore, the GS answers are also to be maturely linked to bring out a holistic pattern. This book helps the aspirants to learn the skills needed to write a holistic answer. Keeping in mind the specific requirements of the students, gained through the experience over the years, this book has been carefully designed with examination-oriented and examination-ready content after an intensive research and analysis in field of Polity, Constitution, governance, social justice and international Relations. A whole new style of easily understandable presentation of content has been adopted instead of the old traditional methods that once used to be considered the most effective. Salient features: 200+ Mains questions in tune with the UPSC standard and pattern detailed and well-researched synopsis for each question topic-wise segregation of questions for a quick revision solutions to 2020 GS Paper II provided online.Geography Question Bank For Civil Services Preliminary Examination | Second Edition<Br>the Question Bank is carefully designed to offer extensive practice in the area of geography. Each question is designed keeping the inter-disciplinary nature of the paper in mind. Questions are drawn from static concepts and collated with current happenings in India and the world. This has been done so as to be able to form complex questions that test the application of core concepts. To help students develop the correct thought process, all answers have detailed explanations with them. This is done to help students arrive at the correct response and also help them link explanation backwards with the static concepts. All the chapters contain an OMR sheet to provide exam-like interface to students and help them practice the set topic wise. Salient features: More than 1400 high quality Questions framed as per the examination pattern. Addition of 2019 UPSC Preliminary Examination questions with explanation. Micro division of each Chapter. Chapter wise questions, answer keys and justifications. Detailed explanation with each solution with backward linkage to basic concepts. Every Chapter as well as the previous years’ papers contain an OMR sheet at the end for practice.

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