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Maths Ace is a series of eight books for classes 1 to 8 for students of primary and middle school. The series adheres to the
National Curriculum Framework 2005 and the books have been designed in accordance with the latest guidelines laid down
by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).
The series is based on the extensive feedback received from teachers. It employs dynamic and innovative teaching-learning
techniques that stimulate and motivate young students to develop a passion for mathematics.

• Language used in the book is simple and child-friendly.

• Warm-Up for refreshing the concepts learnt earlier.

• Graded Exercises for extensive drilling with an integrated

• Picture/Activity based to enthuse interest amongst pupils.

• Review Time at the end of each chapter for easy

• Summary provides important points at a glance.

• Fun Time enables the students to apply the topics in
real-life situations.

• Mental Maths enables the pupils to improve and
accelerate their mental agility thereby motivate them
to do the calculations rapidly.

• Maths Lab Activity to facilitate hands-on learning and
consolidation of mathematical concepts.

• Life skills and Values—latest features in alignment with
NCF 2005.

• Books 1 and 2 in workbook format.

Table of Contents1. Numbers
4-Digit Numbers
Place Value and Face Value
Even and Odd Numbers
Successor and Predecessor
Skip Counting
Comparison of Numbers
Ascending and Descending Order
Forming Greatest and Smallest Numbers
Rounding Off Numbers
Roman Numerals

2. Addition
Addition of 4-digit Numbers
Addition of Three or More Numbers (with Regrouping)
Properties of Addition
Some Special Properties of Addition
Estimating the Sum
Horizontal Addition
Applications in Real Life

3. Subtraction
Subtraction of 4-digit Numbers
Subtraction with regrouping
Subtracting from Zeros
Addition and subtraction together
Properties of Subtraction
Estimating the Difference
Applications in Real Life
Mixed Bag
Real Life Applications on Addition and Subtraction

4. Multiplication
Factors and Products
Multiplication by 10, 20, 30, 40 and so on
Multiplication by 100, 200, 300, 400 and so on
Multiplying Numbers Close to 10 or 100
Terms of Multiplication
Multiplication of 3-digit Numbers by 1-digit Numbers
Properties of Multiplication
Multiplication by 2-digit Numbers
Applications in Real Life

5. Division
Division as Repeated Subtraction
Division Using Multiplication Tables
Properties of Division
Long Division
Division of 2- and 3-digit Numbers
Division of 4-digit Numbers
Division by 10 and 100 (Short Method)
Applications in Real Life
Worksheet 1 99
(Based on Chapters 1 to 5)

6. Fractions
Fractions as Parts of a Whole
Writing a Fraction
Comparing Fractions
Types of Fractions
Equivalent Fractions
Fractions of a Collection
Addition of Like Fractions
Subtraction of Like Fractions
Applications in Real Life

7. Geometry and Patterns
Line Segment
Measuring a Line Segment
Drawing a Line Segment
Geometrical Shapes
Solid Objects
Closed and Open Figures

8. Measurement
Measurement of Length
Conversion of Lengths
Addition of Lengths
Subtraction of Lengths
Measuring Lengths in Real Life
Measurement of Mass (or Weight)
Conversion of Mass (or Weight)
Addition of Weights
Subtraction of Weights
Measuring Weight in Real Life
Measurement of Capacity
Conversion of Capacity
Addition of Capacities
Subtraction of Capacities
Measuring Capacity in Real Life

9. Time
Telling Time
Time in 5-minute Intervals
a.m. and p.m.
Conversion of time

10. Money
Expressing Money in Words and Figures
Conversion of Money
Addition of Money
Subtraction of Money
Applications in Real Life
Multiplication of Money
Division of Money

11. Data Handling
Recording of Data
Worksheet 2
(Based on Chapters 6 to 11)

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