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♥This is the all in one Class 12 Maths Handwritten Notes for any Exam. These Notes are helpful for any exam preparation whether it’s CBSE Board, State Board, JEE, BITSAT, or any other exam which has a Maths subject.

Notes are written in a well-arranged manner and cover each & every point of the Class 12 Maths syllabus. Notes Contain all the theory, derivation, formula, important point, solved exam, etc everything which is required to crack any exam is written in these notes.

★Chapters Cover:

1. Functions 
2. Limits 
3. Continuity 
4. Differentiability 
5. Differentiation              
6. Tangent & Normal (AOD) 
7. Monotonocity (Increasing & Decreasing) (AOD)            
8. Maxima & Minima (AOD) 
9. Curve Sketching (AOD)       
10. Rate Change (AOD) 
11. Concavity & Point Of Infletion For Any Exam (AOD) 
12. LMVT & Rolle’s 
13. Indefinite Integration 
14. Definite Integration 
15. Area Under Curve 
16. Differential Equation 
17. Inverse Trigonometric Function 
18. Matrices                   
19. Determinants 
20. Vector 
21. 3D 
22. Probability 

★Product Details:

Size: A4 (30 x 23 x 3.5)
Pages: 595
Weight: 1.5 kg
Language: English
Publisher: Notes Factory
Colour: Black & White
Formate: Spiral Bind
Syllabus: Full Class 12 Maths From A to z
Exams: All Exams JEE, CBSE, NEET, BITSAT, etc

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