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‘Of course I love you till I find someone better’ is a youth centric novel written By Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja. The dilemma of choosing someone over the other, the internal turmoil that the heart goes through in its quest for love is a constant struggle faced by teenagers and young adults. Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja have based their novel on the same premise. They know the pulse of the Indian youth and their stories are filled with incidents with which the readers especially the young ones can relate to.

‘Of course I love you till I find someone better’ is a story of Debashish Roy, a typical Delhi lad who takes pride in having multiple love interest and constantly evades stress and responsibility in life. Love didn’t exist in his dictionary until he meets Avantika who turns his life upside down. But nothing is ever smooth and their love also does not see the light of the day. It’s a story of love, break up, frustration that has become so common these days among youngsters. Set in the backdrop of the Heart of India, Delhi the story passes through night clubs, pubs, the isolated streets of Delhi in the middle of night and has some very sweet romantic moments. Love, fantasy, problems in adolescence, heart breaks are all present in this book which makes it so popular among youngsters who find this book relatable. The gripping storyline retains the readers’ interest till the end. Filled with emotions and lovable characters of course I love you till I find someone better, is a treat for all romantic book lovers. This book is available online and you can purchase it at Amazon.in

About the author

Durjoy Dutta is a young novelist and has also written for many TV shows and movies. Other best sellers to his credit are ‘She broke up I didn’t’, ‘you were my crush’, ‘hold my hand’, ‘ Or impossible love’ and many more. Manvi Ahuja has co-authored other books like ‘let’s fall in love’ and ‘Now that you are rich’ with Durjoy Dutta

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