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Your personal coach Physics – heat and Waves for JEE Main and Advanced is aimed specifically at aspirants appearing for the JEE examination and has been prepared to enable mastery of the subject. This first edition comes with comprehensive theory, problems, illustrations and graphs to ensure that the readers strengthen their concepts while having enough problems for practice. With a judicious mix of conceptual, analytical and graphical methods, The aim is to cover all possible aspects of the topic in an easily understandable format.

key features:

the book contains comprehensive discussion on relevant principles of Physics and has derivations of all-important mathematical expressions. It even gives brief historical backgrounds at relevant places.

the book has been divided into multiple small chapters and every little principle has been illustrated with solved examples.

every example starts with a heading named “concepts”. This contains explanation of physical situation and gives the important physical principle involved.

there are in – br>Chapter exercises under the heading “your turn”.

difficult and tricky problems involving multiple principles and mathematical rigor have been given at the end of each br>Chapter under the name “Miscellaneous examples”.

at regular intervals, the important points have been highlighted under the name “in short”.

there are 3 exercises at the end of each br>Chapter giving MCQs with one correct answer, MCQs with one or more than one correct answers and subjective problems.

after every few chapters there is a separate br>Chapter on Miscellaneous problems. This has matrix match type and passage based problems.

questions asked in JEE – main and Advanced (erstwhile AIEEE and IIT JEE) from 2005 to 2018 (for chapters covered in the book) has been given at the end of the book.

detailed solution to all problems in the book has been given.</br>.

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