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Many students dreams to pursue their post graduate degree from prestigious educational institutes, and for the last few years, most of the central and state universities are conducting their entrance exams for students intake into their PG courses. Applying in more than one college is fair. The only thing to take into consideration is to prepare from the right study resource for Acing various entrance exams. The revised version of post graduate entrance Exam Physics is a one-stop solution for those who are preparing for the entrance exams to pursue M.Sc. It has 40 chapters which cover the complete theory of Physics based on the latest test pattern of different universities. Each br>Chapter is coupled with practice materials for enhancing conceptual clarity. With more than 1600 objective questions and 5 Practice Sets for complete examination practice, It is a highly useful resource for PG entrance in science. It enables the aspirants to score high in their exams and helps them to move one step ahead towards the goal of their life. Toc Measurement and Dimensional analysis, vector analysis, motion and work, rigid bodies mechanics-i, rigid bodies mechanics-ii, Mechanical Properties of Solids, fluid Mechanics, Gaseous states and Kinetics theory of Gases, heat and Calorimetry, transmission of heat, radiation, Thermodynamics, reflection of waves and Fourier’s theorem, Mechanical waves, sound waves, superposition of waves, electric field and potential, electrical Capacitance, gauss’s theorem, current Electricity, Magnetic Effects of current, magnets and earthly Magnetism, magnetic properties of material, electromagnetic Induction, Alternating Current, transients and network analysis, Maxwell equations and electromagnetic Waves, Ray Optics, wave Optics, polarisation and Photometry, Atomic Physics, nuclear Physics and elementary particles, Photoelectric effect and X-rays, canonical mechanics and lagrangian formulations, quantum mechanics and Schrodinger equations, electromagnetic theory, electronic devices, analog electronics, digital Electronics, theory of relativity, communication system, practice set 1-5.

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