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The book includes several short stories by Indian author Munshi Premchand. He sees what nobody else sees, and beautifully presents his life experiences and life incidences in the form of interesting stories. Ordinary things that people usually neglect in their routine life are brilliantly woven into short stories by the author.

His brutally honest thoughts about life and people around him still make his stories engaging and worth-reading even after more than 70-80 years. He has experienced destitution and pennilessness in his life, which makes his narrations all the closer to reality.

The readers can find connection with the collection of short stories that are given in the book. Every story has a message for the readers and the entire mankind; hence, the book is a good read for today’s tech-savvy generation. Lovers of Hindi literature are going to enjoy their time while reading short and influential stories in the book.

About the Author

Premchand is one of the influential writers of modern Indian literature.

Nirmala, Godan, Saut, Gaban, Kafan, and Premashram are some of his other works.

Premchand was born in a village near Varanasi in 1880, with the birth name of Dhanpat Rai Srivastav. He had first chosen Nawab Rai as his pen name, before changing it to Premchand. Besides writing several novels and short stories, Premchand has also translated many foreign literary pieces to Hindi. Most of his books have been translated into different languages and some have been adapted into plays and movies. Inspired by modern thought, Premchand married a widow despite strong social resistance. He passed away in 1936, after which his wife Shivarani Devi has, in his memory, written Premchand Ghar Mein.

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