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Rank up Physics JEE Main and Advanced is a recently launched series of 5 books which covers each and every sphere of Physics syllabus of JEE Main and Advanced. This is an excellent resource for aspiring engineers who wish to learn the concepts of Physics from zero level. The theoretical part of this series is presented in a simple manner to develop the core understanding of the subject. To grasp the concepts strongly, each Unit of the series is supplemented with self-explanatory diagram, table, flow charts, graphs, examples etc. The five books of rank up Physics series are: mechanics volume 1 mechanics volume 2 waves and Thermodynamics electricity and Magnetism Optics and Modern Physics The uniqueness of this series lies in the following fact: complete coverage of syllabus. Simplified presentation of complex Physics concept. Numerous solved examples, questions and Numerical for each Chapter variety of questions like – single Correct Answer type, multiple Correct Answer type, passage based, matrix match, integer type etc. To prepare you for both JEE Main and Advanced. Previous 2 years’ questions of JEE Main and JEE Advanced with detailed solutions. This book waves and Thermodynamics of rank up Physics series covers the concepts of waves and Thermodynamics in 6 units in an effective and easily comprehensible way. After every topic of each Unit fundamental questions are given to help students practice and apply the concepts that they have learnt. This is indeed a helpful for all aspiring engineer. Contents: Unit 1: wave motion wave types of wave on the basis of medium types of wave on the basis of direction of oscillation of medium particles wavelength General equation of a plane progressive wave particle velocity and particle acceleration speed of transverse wave on a string energy distribution in wave Motion exercise answers Unit 2: superposition of waves superposition principle interference of waves going in same direction interference reflection and transmission of waves standing waves standing waves in a string fixed at both ends string fixed at one end and free from other end sonometer melde’s experiment vibrations of Composite strings exercise answers Unit 3: sound waves introduction relation between displacement wave and pressure wave relation between pressure wave and density wave speed of longitudinal wave in a fluid speed of sound in air characteristics of sound interference of sound waves standing waves in air column experimental determination of speed of sound wave beats Doppler effect echo and reverberation exercise answers Unit 4: thermal properties and Kinetic Theory thermal expansion anomalous expansion of water effect of temperature on density effect of temperature on Time period of a simple pendulum bimetallic strip apparent and real expansion of Liquids thermal stress and strain force of buoyancy heat Thermometry Calorimetry specific heat latent heat mixing of two Liquids mixing of Ice and Water Kinetic Theory of Gases gas laws explanation of gas laws from Kinetic Theory maxwellian distribution of molecular speeds degree of freedom Maxwell’s law of equipartition of energy exercise answers Unit 5: Thermodynamics state, path and process of thermodynamic system specific heat of gas first law of Thermodynamics thermodynamic process molar heat capacity for a given process free expansion graph conversion work-energy theorem second law of Thermodynamics heat engine exercise answers Unit 6: heat transfer heat transfer conduction comparison of steady state heat conduction with electrical conduction radial heat conduction in case of spherical shell radial heat conduction in case of cylinder heat flow in a solid Conical conductor with radii of the circular face a, B and length combination of conductors radiation Prevost theory of exchange black body some basic definitions of thermal radiations Kirchhoff’s law Stefan’s law Newton’s law of cooling wien’s displacement law exercise answers previous years’ section JEE Main JEE Advanced answers.

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