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Right Here Right Now is a teen-fiction, that revolves around a young girl named Kalindi, who loses her memory and is required to live her future without knowing anything about her past. Kalindi wakes up in a hospital one day and doesn’t remember anything about who she is, what she had been doing in the past, who her family is and what is she going to do next.

Kalindi’s entire memory has been wiped out and the only possible person who can tell her about what happened to her memory is the doctor treating her. She has her family, friends and her boyfriend around her, but she, having lost her complete memory, isn’t in a state of mind to live normally and let all of them share her life.

Nobody around her discloses anything about her past and tries to make her believe that her previous life was perfect. She is in a dilemma to accept her future normally without trying to find out who she was, or get driven away in her confusions and questions.

This book is an interesting story revolving around the question of living flawlessly and peacefully without a past. It looks deeply into the unusual events happening in the life of a teenager. The book feature emotional, mind-boggling questions, interesting story-lines and uncommon subjects. Right Here Right Now was published by Penguin Books Limited in 2014 and is available in paperback.

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