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“The cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing you had.”

Vishesh is a dreamer, who is driven by his passion for writing and words. But like most Indian middle class families, his parents are impatient to see him settled in a government job. Despite all obstacles, making no complaints, he continues to follow the hard path, holding up the promise he had made to himself, trying to fulfil his father’s wishes and failing over and over.

Almost everyone – his parents, friends and the love of his life – leaves his side in the middle of his journey. To worsen things, he is diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, the seriousness of which nobody could decipher before it was too late.

Will a dreamer be sacrificed for social standing? Will a heart be crushed to uphold a hollow image?

Left alone and misunderstood by everyone he knew, this is Vishesh’s intense story of repeatedly falling down and trying to get up on his own, to prove that everyone who dares to follow their heart is not a commoner; he is ‘The One From the Stars’.

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Q & A with Keshav Aneel

Q1. Who really is Keshav Aneel? Tell us about yourself and what drove you to take up writing?

A1. Keshav: I am all about my dreams, I would say. Other than that, I don’t really think of or give energy to anything except for the people I have in my life. Yes, I can get very emotional at times, and I am someone who is a lot into spirituality and loves being in the mountains. Travelling to all the beautiful places that are peaceful gives me immense joy and I do that very often. Writing has been my passion right from the cradle. I knew I have to do this right from my childhood. Ever since I was sixteen, I was anxious to find a story, scribble it down and see it in print. And now that it has happened, I am happy and I feel really special as my hard work did fructify.

Q2. Your first book Promise Me a Million Times was a confluence of love and aspirations, and the extent to which someone can go to make their dreams come true. Is that a strong idea in your life too, because your writing strongly reflects that?

A2. Keshav: Absolutely! I believe that it’s not we who find dreams, but dreams that find us. And since it’s no coincidence to be chosen by a certain calling, it should be taken as the cause of our being and must be taken care of with every inch of us dedicated towards it.

Q3. Your second book called The One from the Stars has just released. Can you tell us a bit about the story and what makes it special?

A3. Keshav: This particular story, I believe, is in some way or the other connected to every child who comes from a middle class family. This book stands for an unsaid, or very less said emotion of every heart, that despite having all the potential, due to lack of money, has to willingly or unwillingly quit on dreams and take a safer path owing to parental pressure.

Q4. Your book explores relationships and love at various levels. How do you think your book captures the way relationships have changed with change in times?

A4. Keshav: In that regard I have a very straight and simple belief: The principles and test for relationships remain the same throughout. If they don’t, they are not real. Changing times have no influence over them. It’s all about creating a balance and finding a way, that’s it.

Q5. Your book comes with a strong social message, along with some experiences that seem very real. Is this story autobiographical, or inspired by someone you know?

A5. Keshav: To be very honest, this book is sixty percent inspired by someone I personally know. Many of the things, like the dialogues between parents and their son Vishesh, the scenes related to OCD and office stuff, are absolutely real. I wasn’t intentionally blunt while writing them.

Q6. Who would you say is your favorite character in the latest release, and why?

A6. Keshav: It has to be the protagonist Vishesh Raghav. What he went through, not many can walk that path. It takes tremendous courage and will to hold on and keep doing what’s required to be done.

Q7. Both your books are very different from one another. Can we expect another surprise in the near future?

A7. Keshav: It would be too early to commit anything as of now. However, whatever I come up with next, I promise to imbibe a lot of social messages, put down complex ties of relationships and, of course, the benefits of following one’s heart.

Q8. Do you have a message for your readers?

A8. Keshav: Without love and support from you guys, we people are nothing. Feel free to appreciate us, criticize us and demand stories that you would want to read. Also, remember this: we are naturally not that sort that never gives up; it’s all your love that has made us this strong.

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