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This book has captivated thousands of kids, and is now available on Amazon!

First, this is a story of adventures, with beautiful pictures and a plot that you cannot tear yourself away from. It’s also a story written by a psychologist with 28 years of experience working with school-age children. This book teaches about care, loyalty and friendship, and yet also teaches about loving and respecting yourself.

The prince has disappeared in the Kingdom – and the young princess goes to look for him. On the way, she meets the Shepherdess, her complete opposite, and the two of them are drawn into a cycle of adventures: meeting robbers, a real Unicorn, a witch and a pack of wolves. They will have to help each other get out of difficult situations and make amazing discoveries.

We are faced with two opposite characters: a slightly spoilt princess and a shepherdess who thinks only about the comfort and happiness of others. During their adventures, they gently teach each other, and by the end of the tale you will see how their behavior and characters have changed.

This is a therapeutic fairy tale, so you will find:

✓ Pleasant language in the style of the best classical fairy tales

✓ No slang and no adult humor

✓ Obvious but not obsessive morality

This fun and inspirational children’s book can be both a bedtime story for a restful sleep, and also a wonderful gift for a little girl who admires animals, horses, and unicorns.

This popular adventure is available in ebook and paperback editions, or you can download it straightaway from kindle unlimited.


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