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Contemporary Fiction (Books),Classic Fiction (Books)Contemporary Fiction (Books),Classic Fiction (Books)

Conversation with Ruskin Bond


Did I read school stories when I was at school?

Very seldom; caught up in the monotonous routine of boarding-school life, I preferred to read about faraway places, desert islands, pirates, jungles infested with tigers and crocodiles—anything as far removed as possible from classroom and dormitories!

I did, however, have one literary boy-hero. He was William Brown (‘Just William’ to his thousands of fans), who did everything possible to stay out of school. If he did turn up, he was usually late. And if he remained in school till the end of the day, his headmaster would have a nervous breakdown.

Contemporary Fiction (Books),Classic Fiction (Books)Contemporary Fiction (Books),Classic Fiction (Books)

William is a little out of fashion now. Rebellious schoolboys are unwelcome in a technologically advanced, moralistic, exam-oriented society. We prefer a polished Bill Gates to an eccentric Einstein. Eccentrics do unpredictable things, and we have become afraid of the unpredictable.

We had exams in my schooldays too, but they were only a part of the process of growing up.

Contemporary Fiction (Books),Classic Fiction (Books)Contemporary Fiction (Books),Classic Fiction (Books)

There were also such things as nature walks and picnics, excursions to historical places, football games, cricket, comic books, visits to the cinema, ice cream parlours and clandestine visits to the neighbouring girls’ school.

Some of these things I remember, and some I have written about. Here is a personal selection. Dip into it, enjoy meeting some unusual people, and then back to your fantasy world!

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