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Life would have been easier had it been possible for us to plan falling in love; More importantly, avoid falling in love… ‘Love is not for you,’ she told herself. Inside, just like any girl, she desired to be loved. She had accepted her life the way it was, till one day love showed up unannounced, uninvited! That’s the thing with love. It doesn’t take permission. It’s in its very nature to gatecrash into our lives Standing face-to-face with love, she finds herself asking, ‘Is this love right?’ The answer is not simple. It never was… This intense love story will shake every belief you’ve ever had.

From the Publisher

A Taste of Forbidden Love

by Ravinder Singh

This book is very close to my heart and it feels just right to share with you what made me write it in the first place. I have watched the definition of Love change; I’ve seen closely how the expectations that people have from their partners differ from one relationship to the other. It’s not uncommon these days to see people involved with other people outside of their existing relationships. Extra-marital affairs are common and those who are having them want to keep them a secret for the fear of being judged by society. At the same time when people desire somebody outside their relationship, their conscience pricks them. This leads to the negative notions of adultery, sin and guilt. Hence, I debated on this new aspect of relationships and have explored a slightly different plot that of Love outside of a relationship!

As I sat down to write this book, I decided that I am not going to judge this so called ‘forbidden love’ or the people involved in it. Instead, I would approach it with a different perspective. I wanted to explore matters beyond the obvious, ‘Why does this happen in the first place? Why are we not satisfied with the relationship we are already in?’ And the most important one of all, ‘What if a married person realizes that his or her extra-marital love, is the one true love?’

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A Conversation with Ravinder Singh

Bestselling author, teen heartthrob and all-around nice guy Ravinder Singh chatted with us about his observations on the changing nature of love that served as the inspiration for the story of his new book “This Love that Feels Right…” an excerpt from an interview with the author.

Q. What inspired this book?

Ravinder Singh: The most favorite gossip in the married world’s numerous gatherings, ‘Who-is-sleeping-with-whom?’ Exposure to the stories from real lives of people who I know. Confidential fan messages, which I receive in bulk, where people confess falling in love outside their relationship. All these made me pick love outside relationship as the plot of this book.

Q. You mention that the definition of love is changing in the modern day society. What is your take on this new facet of love?

Ravinder Singh: There is no other word in the history of human civilization like ‘Love’ that has been defined in so many ways, at any given point in time. Of course, with time people’s interpretation of it too has kept changing. It’s in the human nature to interpret in a way that suites it the best. Relationships are evolving. There were pros and cons in them earlier, there are pros and cons now. They may only appear in a new form. At the end of the day what matters is how two people in love create happiness for each other.

Q. There are many books in the market dealing with common themes of love and relationships? How do you strive to keep your book unique?

Ravinder Singh: I am not sure if I would ever try too hard to keep my books unique. What’s important to me is, what do I have to say? Once, I know that, I say it in my own way. And, I believe everyone has a natural style that is unique to them. Each one of use uses a different way of communicating it. We needn’t be influenced by each other.

Q. What do you have to say about all the criticism that your style of writing invites?

Ravinder Singh: From the reviews of my book on numerous forums including this one (Amazon), a fair number of people have liked my books in the past. As long as this is the case, I am happy. I understand that one man’s bestseller may be other man’s waste of time and money. The world is diverse.

Q. Lastly, has fame brought about any change in the small town boy in you?

Ravinder Singh: Yes! It’s made me more responsible.

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