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“1. Understanding Physics Series Comprises of Total 5 Books
2. Total 36 Essential Chapters of Physics
3. Volume 1 is Mechanics Part -1 Consists 10 Chapters
4. Includes Last 6 Years Question of JEE Main & Advances
5. One of the Most Preferred Textbook for IIT JEE
6. Focused Study Material with Applications Solving Skills
7. Includes New Pattern of Question from recent previous Exams

IIT JEE has become a worldwide brand in the engineering institutions that has some of the best and brightest engineering students and career professionals. To make their way in this institution, every year lakhs of aspirants appear for IIT JEE Main and Advanced held by CBSE which tests the conceptual knowledge real-life application based problems on Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Arihant’s Understanding Physics is one of the best selling series of books in Physics, since its first edition for the preparation of JEE Entrance. The first volume of this series deals with Mechanics providing the in-depth discussions on the Motion in one and two dimensions, the laws of motion, Work Energy and Power and Circular. Dividing the entire syllabus into 10 scoring Chapters, this book focuses on the concept building along with solidifying the problem-solving skills. It is a must have book for anyone who are desiring to be firm footed in the concepts of physics as well as their applications in problem solving.


Basic Mathematics, Measurements and Errors, Experiments, Units and Dimensions, Vectors, Kinematics, Projectile Motion, Law Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Circular Motion.”

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